About OJS

The provinces of Ontario, Canada and Jiangsu, Peoples Republic of China are sister provinces that have entered into several educational and cultural agreements. One of these agreements has established the Ontario-Jiangsu Student Exchange Program, a provincial student mobility program that started in September 2009. The program is administered by two Academic Directors:

Ontario Academic Director

rchampion [at] ouinternational [dot] ca (Mr. Ron Champion)
Champion Initiatives International

Jiangsu Academic Director

caobufeng [at] hotmail [dot] com (Prof. CAO Bufeng)
Nanjing University of the Arts

There are thirteen Jiangsu universities and thirteen Ontario universities participating in OJS.

OJS is open to full-time undergraduate and graduate students at the participating universities. Students are nominated by their home university based on that institution’s selection processes and criteria. The prospective host university is responsible for deciding whether to admit students and at what level (graduate or undergraduate).

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