Jiangsu Universities

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The province of Jiangsu is recognized as one of the leading Chinese provinces in the field of higher learning. There are currently 13 Jiangsu universities participating in the OJS that offer the full range of academic programs for prospective Ontario exchange students. While the availability of English language courses may be limited at these universities, special arrangements can be made to accommodate credit requirements for Ontario students. All of the participating universities are located in the southern part of Jiangsu province within easy travel to the City of Shanghai.

Changzhou University - contact 268 [at] 163 [dot] com (Mr Lin Dong)

Jiangnan University - contact jqin [at] jiangnan [dot] edu [dot] cn (Ms Qin Jie) 

Jiangsu University - contact intl4 [at] ujs [dot] edu [dot] cn (Mr Zhang Yue) 

Nanjing Arts University - contact Mike_njart [at] hotmail [dot] com (Mr Zhao Quanquan)

Nanjing Normal University - contact caineng [at] njnu [dot] edu [dot] cn (Ms Cai Neng) 

Nanjing University - contact stuex [at] nju [dot] edu [dot] cn (Ms. Zhao Lei) 

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics - contact Zhangjing_ice [at] nuaa [dot] edu [dot] cn (Ms Zhao Lei)

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications - contact jiayc [at] njupt [dot] edu [dot] cn (Mr. Jia Naison)

Nantong University - contact gjjl [at] ntu-edu [dot] com (Ms Hong Hong)

Soochow University - contact meilin [at] suda [dot] edu [dot] cn (Ms. Mei Lin)

Southeast University - contact zhaoyishu [at] seu [dot] edu [dot] cn (Zhao Yishu)

Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University - contact international [at] xjtlu [dot] edu [dot] cn

Yangzhou University - contact fanzhang [at] yzu [dot] edu [dot] cn (Ms Zhang Fan)