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The Ontario/Jiangsu Student Exchange Program provides opportunities in China from four weeks to eight months.

Academic Exchange:

Students normally participate in either a one-semester or two-semester exchange. You don't have to be fluent in Chinese to study in China. Our partner universities in Jiangsu Province offer more than five dozen programs in English. Chances are, there is are a university and program in Jiangsu that match your needs and interests.

Exchange is available to full-time undergraduate and graduate students at participating Ontario universities. International students may apply, but they are not eligible for the OJS scholarships.

OJS scholarships of $2,500 (one semester) and $3,500 (two semesters) are provided to participants who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. (Scholarship funds are limited, so apply early.)

OJS also offers summer programs:

A Summer Research Program:

  • independent research in practically any field, under the supervision of a professor at one of the university partners in Jiangsu
  • May - August, minimum of three months
  • available to students who have completed at least two years of university
  • each of the 13 partner universities in Jiangsu hosts SRP students
  • $2,500 OJS scholarship
An Intensive Mandarin Course:
  • for students with basic Mandarin wanting to improve their language capacity
  • NEW COURSE DATES: May 19 - June 14, 2019
  • hosted by Nanjing University of the Arts
  • Tuition: 3,600 RMB (about CAD$720)
  • Accommodation 2,240 RMB (about CAD$450, double-room with bathroom and kitchen)
    intensive Chinese, with students placed at appropriate level based on testing; one-to-one language partner
  • weekly cultural activities and visits, including art exhibitions, paper-cutting, calligraphy, painting, clay sculpture, and Tai Chi; visits may include the walls of the Ming Dynasty, the Presidential Palace, Nanjing Museum, Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Brocade Museum and Nanjing Massacre Memorial
  • $2,000 OJS scholarship
  • see here for the most recent program description

A Chinese Language and Culture Program:

  • learn some Mandarin and explore China's art, culture, crafts and food
  • four weeks: June 30 - July 27, 2019
  • hosted by Yangzhou University
  • no knowledge of Mandarin required
  • program fee about 3400RMB (about CAD$680)
  • accommodation about 1400RMB (about CAD$280, double room with air-conditioning and bathroom)
  • $2,000 OJS scholarship
  • see here for the most recent program description

A Summer Food Culture Program:

  • consisting of more than 20 lectures, several tours and visits (including Shanghai), activities with local students, and—of course—many tasty opportunities, the program aims to deepen the understanding of food culture in China
  • four weeks: May 19 - June 15, 2019
  • hosted by Jiangnan University, Wuxi
  • program fee about USD$2000, all-inclusive except return airfare
  • $2,000 OJS scholarship
  • for a program description, see here for the most recent information

A Summer Design School:

  • interdisciplinary practice for design students to create a unique cultural experience of Chinese culture, designed to create an interdisciplinary practice for design students from various backgrounds, to ex-plore the different emerging issues along with new technologies and services, and to cre-ate a unique cultural experience of the traditional and the new cultures in China
    • Part I: Public Art Practice, a two-week short course that explores the crafts and traditions of the local ceramics and sculptures, as well as how public art pieces integrate into the modern city
    • Part II: The application of service design tools and methods to address a social problem or an emerging issue
  • four weeks (July; exact dates to be confirmed)
  • hosted by Jiangnan University, Wuxi
  • program fee about USD$2000, all-inclusive except return airfare
  • $2,000 OJS scholarship
  • for a program description, see here

A Social Change in China Course:

  • CANCELLED for summer 2019 due to low enrolment
  •  dealing with the major changes undergone by Chinese society in the last forty years since the beginning of reform and openness, the course focuses on three broad topics, each of which is considered in depth: regional development, interpersonal relations and social inequality.
  • includes trips to Chengdu (panda bears), Xi'an (terracotta warriors), Nanjing (capital of Jiangsu), and local excursions
  • lectures, discussion groups, and practical projects
  • June 30 - July 27, 2019
  • hosted by Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou
  • program fee about $3,400, including in-China transportation and accommodation; meals NOT included--cost of meals on campus estimated to be about $10 /day
  • $2,000 OJS scholarship
  • see here for the most current information about this course

For the regular exchange and the Summer Research Program, participating students must have completed 2 years of a recognized degree at their home university. Exchange students will pay tuition at their home university and will be exempt from paying tuition at the host university. However, host universities may charge certain incidental administrative fees (e.g., health insurance, meal card, etc.). Exchange students will be responsible for their expenses abroad, including travel, room and board, health and accident insurance, miscellaneous incidental expenses that may be required by the host university, and other living expenses. Participating students are responsible for all aspects — academic, legal, medical, etc. — of their participation in the program. Students are responsible for arranging any transfer of credits to their home university.

Students who have completed their first year are eligible for the summer programs other than the Summer Research Program. The summer programs (other than the Summer Research Program) charge program fees. The program fees include teaching, accommodation, meals (as noted for each program) and program-related travel. The OJS scholarship offsets the cost of air travel and the program fee at least partially and for some programs entirely.

Can't decide between a summer program and academic exchange? Do both!

Combine the Summer Research Program and a one-term exchange and receive an OJS scholarship of $3,700. Or do the Summer Research Program and a two-term exchange and receive an OJS scholarship of $4,700!

Combine one of the other summer programs and a one-term exchange and receive an OJS scholarship of $3,200. A summer program and a two-term exchange combination results in an OJS scholarship of $4,200.

The application forms for all programs are to be found on the Apply page.

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