Jiangsu Student Testimonials

I'm Mengru, now a third year bio-tech exchange student in University of Waterloo. The most beneficial experience being an exchange student for me is the more academic atmosphere here in Canada. Although this eight months study is busy and will end soon, I really enjoy my life as well as the friendly people I met here.

Zhang Mengru
Nanjing university of Aeronautics and Astronautics/University of Waterloo

Jiali LiuI have been in Canada for five months. People here are very nice and kind, and I really enjoy the life here a lot. Studying in University of Waterloo is quite different from that in China. There’re fewer courses in one semester but more labs and projects than my host university. Besides, students have to do co-ops which are part of their requirement to graduate. Hence, they already have about 2 years' work experience after graduating which is very useful and will help them find job more easily. Moreover, there is always a nice lady, my academic advisor Cindy, who helps me a lot whenever I meet difficulties. My classmates are very friendly. They like to talk with me though my English is not so fluent and also help me to improve my English.

However, life in Canada was a little difficult for me in the beginning. Everything to me was strange. I had to go shopping and cook all by myself. But now, I have already started to enjoy it. It is very convenient for me to buy all kinds of Chinese food in any supermarket. As Canada is multicultural country, I can taste different kinds of food of different countries, such as Korean food, Japanese food, Indian food and Canadian food which are quite popular.

In May, I have to go back to China but I wish I could stay longer. I think Canada is a beautiful country to live and study.

Jiali Liu
Jiangsu University/University of Waterloo

When I apply for the exchange program, I didn’t expect that it would give me such an amazing period of time.

Life here is different but exciting. When I first came to campus, I was shocked that almost everyone was in purple (which is the color of western). And now, I become one of them.

You technically don’t have to worry about being in a new environment or language problem. Every international student at western is eligible for a peer guide, who will hang out with you and tell you every aspect of life and study. The peer guide program did help me a lot even before I came to Canada. There’s also an English conversation program, through which you can improve your oral English, make friends and have fun simultaneously.

People here are so friendly and they always ready to help you as much as they can.

Residence and Recreation Center here are 2 most amazing place I’ve experienced. You’ll see why western ranks the highest among all the universities in Canada in terms of residence. And you’ll also enjoy all the equipment and group fitness classes in gym.

It’s really different to study in my home university and host university. I love both of them. But I think I’ll miss all these days here at western when I come back.

Lu Yiqing
Soochow University / The University of Western Ontario

Jingsu groupThis exchange experience is the most rewarding experience I have had in my life!!! I have learnt so much more than I had expected!!! The cultural atmosphere provides a totally new perspective for me. I have changed from a shy girl who doesn't know how to start a conversation with strange people, to a girl who can ask questions and give comments in lectures. Although at first things might be a little messy and chaotic, but after a few months I totally enjoy the life here. I have met so many nice people and awesome friends here, some of which are even closer with me than my old friends in China! I love Toronto! And thanks to all staffs working in OJS who provide me this great chance!

He Yu
Nanjing University/University of Toronto

So far, I totally enjoyed my life here. It's amazing. I'll remember this trip foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever!!

XU Lu (Cassie)
Jiangsu Polytechnic University/York University